Thursday, August 02, 2007

Video Collection

You can view the collection of videos my mom took while she was here through her YouTube account:

I am out of batteries in our's always something, isn't it?


Ross said...

Hey Leah, I thought I might catch you before y'all left but it looks like I missed you! I wanted to ask you about your slings...if you were still selling them, cost, styles, etc...we are expecting again in March :) and I think that will be a great option for me. Just let me know what you can!
Shannon Bradley

Ross said...

Leah, I just found your website and email address, so I will email you. That will probably be easier. (Samuel is absolutley ADORABLE!!)

Justin & Gi said...

Okay so where are the new batterys...don't they have a Target/Walmart in CA? :)
PS I like your apt, it is very cute...I especially like the high ceilings and all the wood beams. High Five to your mom for doing all the videos!
L, Gi