Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Samuel!!

Today is Samuel's first birthday. We had a little cake and ice cream with the neighborhood kids. Ed's mom was also around for the event. He ate his cake and loved all of the attention. Here's a little slideshow of the party:

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And here's a quick view of Samuel one year ago:

He has grown from a little 5 pound, 13 ounce bean to his cute, cuddly self. We go to the doctor on Friday for his one year checkup, so I'll give all the official stats then.

We miss everyone so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Alan Knox said...

We miss you all too. All three of you! It is hard to believe that Samuel is 1 year old! It looks like he enjoyed his b'day cake. We're surprised that Ed let him eat cake.


Carsons Inc. said...

Feliz cumpleanos Samuel!

He was so sweet and adorable at the hospital!

I can tell that Samuel has changed since I've seen him last. He looks a bit older. The only expression that looks different is his smile. It's beautiful! He just looks older when he smiles. Maybe his eyes too. Afterall, he is a year now! :) Wow, I can't believe that. Laney's right behind him.

db said...

happy birthday samuel!!

markandmeg said...

Its hard to believe he was ever that little! Congrats on his 1st birthday. We are sorry that everyone in WF had to miss it! Thanks for letting us in on the pics, though. I guess they'll have to do :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Samuel!

Leah, I just sent you an invite to my blog. I made it private.