Friday, July 06, 2007

Playing Blog Tag

I have been tagged by my friend Christina. I am supposed to write 8 facts about myself. As I sit down to write these facts, I realize that most of you probably don’t care b/c this blog is supposed to be about Samuel. So, I will share eight facts about Samuel that will give you a little insight into my life as well. Samuel says…

1. The doctors told my mom I was too small when she got near the end of her pregnancy and I was forced to be born early. They thought I may have been failing to thrive…little did they know just how well I would thrive!

2. My mom rocks me to sleep. We don’t like the book “Babywise”. I know that probably makes a lot of you gasp in horror, but we roll a little differently around here.
3. I have two teeth now – both on the bottom. I have bitten my mom three times now. My mom says “OUCH!”
4. I will turn ONE in a month and a half.

5. Apparently I am moving across the country in a week and a half. I have no idea what this means, but I know that a lot of furniture from our house has disappeared and there is now a large stack of boxes in the living room.
6. I am learning to speak both English and Spanish. My mom speaks Spanish to me during the day so I will learn to speak it. She learned Spanish in some place she calls Ecuador.

7. I get to spend a lot of time with both my mommy and my daddy. Daddy works during the evenings, but he’s home all day with mommy and me. We do lots of silly things together. I LOVE my mommy and daddy!!
8. I am learning to love Jesus every day. I’m not real clear who He is yet, but my parents tell me about him and read me stories out of books about Him. There’s even one book in my house that Daddy reads a lot and tells me that I will learn to read one day, but for now I’m not allowed to lick it or touch it or even crawl too close to it really.

I hope you enjoyed our little tagging experience. We love you all!!


Krista said...

How fun - I love the 8 facts, although I'm not sure what it means that Christina "tagged" you. I'm with you on Babywise (I know, many are gasping!!!); when Lydia bit me with her teeth it hurt SO bad - I pinched her leg back and I think she learned. . . ; and, I think it's too cool that both of our little babies are already learning another language. Have fun on your cross country adventure!

Ruth Palmer said...

Boy, we could get a debate going on here, but instead I'll just be a pain, and put in my 2 cents about Babywise :) I really liked it & it worked well for me especially when #2 & #3 came along. So in an effort to even things out, I'm saying it was good at helping me get my kids to sleep through the night by 8 weeks because all those that know me, know I NEED my sleep! And for those that don't like it, that's fine, I'm not in any way offended. Just wanted to offer a differing opinion on here. Love ya Leah & can't wait to see you!