Thursday, June 21, 2007

Body Parts

Okay, you all need to thank me because this post could be a lot nastier than what it is. It all started when I took this picture of Samuel yesterday:

He wriggled away from me while I was changing his diaper and I just thought he looked too funny with shoes on and nothing else. Well, Ed thought it was funny too, but then he took it one step further. Later in the evening, I went to review the photos on the camera and saw that Ed had taken a "Moon Shot" (if you get what I mean). We joked that we should put the photos on the blog as "Butt Twins". We wondered aloud if we would have any friends left. Alas, I have voted NOT to post the second picture in the series. Relief! BUT, I will give you this shot - Ed's injured calf. We decided too late that he probably should have had stitches. (Sorry to my mom for this picture b/c she is surely gagging right now).


Ruth Palmer said...

What did he do to injure his calf?

Leah said...

I started to write "He dropped an overhead door on it" and then he said, "NO, I was unloading an overhead door and rammed my leg into the tract that was waiting to be unloaded." So, that's what happened.

markandmeg said...

He, he, I agree, Leah, that pic is too cute to not post. Samuel is so cute :)

keith said...

Don't you know that there's a chip in every digital camera that wirelessly transmits each image to Google so that anyone can find it with their search engine? Those "moon shots" have bounced around servers all over the globe!*

*not really

ashleeglen said... guys are hilarious ;)