Thursday, May 17, 2007

What we've been up to...

Hello friends and family. I'm so sorry for not updating more this week - I am not feeling well and haven't had a lot of computer time. That's not to say I haven't been busy or snapping photos of the fam. Here is what's happened so far this week:

Samuel is thinking about going into modeling, and struck yhis pose for me:

Here is an actual model worthy shot:

Ed won an award at the Seminary - the R.T. Daniel Old Testament Award. He had to get dressed up and go to chapel to get the award.

Here he is with our friend Rob Miller, who also received an award.

And here is our little family - Samuel sacked out during the service.

Samuel is also really into eating strawberries now. I discovered too late that I actually wasn't supposed to give him strawberries until after he turned 1 - oops! The kid absolutely loves them. He will hold onto it and suck all of the good berry part off and just leave the core.

I also let him feed himself oatmeal for breakfast this week, and let's just say he's not quite ready for that! Ha, ha.

I will have more pics to follow. We also went to pick strawberries this week with a friend, but she took all the pictures. As soon as I get them from her, I will post.

ALSO, I would like to confirm the report that Samuel did get his first tooth! There are no pictures yet because it is barely showing and I haven't snapped a good look yet. We are almost there.

Finally, we have dates for our move. Ed and the other guys will be driving out to San Francisco Thursday July 19th through Sunday, July 22nd. I will be flying home to Fort Wayne on Wednesday July 18th. Then my parents, Samuel and I will fly out to San Francisco on Tuesday July 24th. So officially, we'll be residents of Mill Valley, CA starting Tuesday July 24th. I will be sending out change of address cards to all of you.

We love you all and hope to see some of you soon.


tenjuices said...

i think rob looks stoned in that picture. too much shake and bake...

renata said...

Strawberries are usually held off because of allergy risk. If he didn't have an allergic reaction then he should be fine.