Sunday, April 29, 2007

Take me out to the Ball Game

Our family went out to Durham last night to take in a Durham Bulls baseball game. It was a beautiful day here, and the game was a lot of fun. Ed taught me how to keep the scorecard, so I was able to stay tuned in to the game the whole time. Samuel did a good job - we had to get up and walk him around a little to try to get him to go to sleep. He finally fell asleep in a sling. Oh, and BTW, I got my haircut, as you can see in the photo.


Damian said...

Any good mascot jokes this time?

Anonymous said...

I love your hair!

tenjuices said...

Wool E Bull was there. Looked castrated to me, so no good jokes that are repeatable. They said over the intercom that the E in Wool E Bull stood for education... I wonder if that is like saying, hey c'mon you dumb hicks, lets get on the ball.
good to hear from you damian


Carsons Inc. said... DID get your hair cut. Awesome. Looks good. Do you like it? It's so much easier, isn't it?

Hugh and I need to live a little and go to a Durham bball game every now and then. I haven't been.

So, that particular sling is good for sleeping...but the one that I bought from you and mainly good for awake time? I need to know all that I can do with these slings. I tried to look them up but I couldn't find pics! Arrgg! Any good websites? wait.. I think you sent me one. I'll go look...