Friday, April 20, 2007

Here's a Start

Well, I decided to get out and do some fun things with Samuel so we would actually have something to blog about. I really appreciated Maël's comment that blogging determines what I true. Sad? But, oh well - it gives you Samuel addicts something to look at! :)

Samuel loves to stand up now! He likes to walk around with our help, or play with things while standing.

Ed is taking Latin this semester, and has been dying to dress Samuel up in a toga. The bottom pic is Ed, Samuel, and Ed's professor - Dr. Fred Williams.

Okay, and this picture is just silly. I put Samuel's sweatpants on his head and it pushes all his forehead skin down around his eyes. It makes me laugh SO hard.

There will a few videos to follow, as soon as they upload to YouTube. Stay tuned.

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