Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Typical Morning at our House

If you wonder what we do with our days, allow me to shed a little light. Since Ed works in the evenings, he is home with us during the daytimes. We all usually get up and come downstairs for breakfast about 8. Then we sit around in the living room and read and play. Here you can see Ed having coffee and reading. He is trying to tell Samuel something.

If you notice, Samuel is wearing pajamas with shoes on. Ed had him standing up between the couch and the ottoman and thought he needed a better "platform," so he put shoes on him.

Ed will usually hold Samuel for awhile so I can read things on the computer or get dressed. Here is Ed reading with Samuel. Samuel has a little David Hasselhoff thing going with the unzipped pajamas. Well, maybe a drooly David Hasselhoff.

All of this morning activity usually dissolves into Ed and I playing with Samuel and continually shouting to each other, "Look, look." We are very easily impressed with some new trick that Samuel can do, or something funny he's done with his toys. I think he is catching on that he is pretty much the center of attention all day long.


keith said...

... and this just goes to prove my theory that Germans love Samuel Ryne Payne.

tenjuices said...

As a visitor to the Payne house every so often, I find it hard to believe that either are vertical by 8am. Maybe 9. And you say the man works? At what job? And when? Seems like he has been on 'vacation' for some time. but that last photo of the boy is quite snarky.