Monday, February 12, 2007


Here is the cutie laughing it up for everyone:
Okay, and here is the funniest picture EVER!!!! Somehow his drool or something reflected the light and made Samuel look like he has two buck teeth. We were all laughing so hard it made Samuel cry!

Smiling for Grandma:

Napping with Grandpa:

Samuel's first carwash. He snoozed through the whole thing.

Me holding Baby Camden, 4 days old. I surprised Ruth with my visit. For the first time in her life, Ruth was speechless! Camden is a total sweetheart - and SOO tiny!

Samuel says he is really missing his daddy. "See you tomorrow Daddy!!!"


tenjuices said...

boy that is not going to be a cute kid when he gets teeth. i better enjoy it now while it lasts.

Carsons Inc. said...

now THAT was a hilarious pic of him with the buckers. Hilarious! He is sooo cute!

ashleeglen said...

I was wondering where you were on Sunday :) Glad you're having a nice time!

Anonymous said...

That buck teeth shot is HILARIOUS! Thanks for the laugh.