Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Last Wednesday evening, I kept Will, my friend Christina's little boy (their blog "The Gainors" is linked at the right). MAN! What a handful to keep two little boys. Of course my little angel decided it would be a wonderful time to be really fussy and cry his little lungs out if I didn't rock him. So I stuck Samuel down in the sling and bounced Will on my knee. I have a new-found appreciation for any mother of multiples - what a challenge! It was also a lot of fun, though, as the following pictures show. Samuel got in a little cat nap and woke up in a MUCH better mood. He and Will got down on the floor and had a good ol' time together. What sweeties! Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...

I wish Meredith and I could have come over to play too! Samuel is just too cute! Say "hi" to everyone in W.F. for me!