Wednesday, July 26, 2006

What a Kicker

Well, first things first - I am pleased to say that we had a great doctor's appointment today. They hooked me up to the fetal monitor and I watched as the heartbeat ticked out on the little slip that comes out of the machine. I was getting really nervous because it didn't look anything like the one last week. Ed couldn't see what was coming out of the machine, so I didn't want to alarm him. When the doctor came in to take a look, she asked me how it was going. I said "you tell me, because it doesn't look at all like it did last week." She started laughing when she looked at the readout and said that it couldn't get an accurate reading because the baby was moving around so much. Just then the baby kicked the fetal monitor at full strength, then rolled over. I guess we know what he/she thinks about the whole thing! The doctor held them monitor down for a minute to listen and said everything sounded really good. If the baby is moving a lot and the heartbeat varies with movement, then we are doing good. Sooo, we just all hold our breath until next week when the u/s will give us a new percentile. The other good news is that by next week, I'll be two days shy of 36 weeks, which the doctor says is a goal for us. I must say that God is so good and has really been looking out for mom, dad & baby. Ed has really felt more connected to the baby as he prays every morning and evening for him/her. On another note, Ed looked at the blog and said "it's all pictures of you!" :) So I am putting in this pic of Ed playing wiffleball with the neighbors. They are quite the site out front of the building. And Ed can really whack that ball!

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sigridpayne said...

he's a cutie!!